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Comfort Dual 10
  • Comfort Dual 10

Comfort Dual 10

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Anatomical foam mattress with double core, moderately soft 25cm from Memoform, Eliosoft memory foam and removable Outlast / Viscose cover.



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Mattress Medium Soft
12 Years Warranty
25cm Height

Produced in all desired dimensions.


Outlast® / Viscose Fabric
Layer of Memoform 2cm

Layer of hypoallergenic fibers
Memoform 5cm
Eliosoft 17cm

Specially designed for astronauts' space suits, with a structure made up of millions of small spheres made of from a special type of candle which melts at a temperature of 36 ° C. During sleep when the body temperature rises, excess heat is absorbed by these beads but when the temperature drops below the melting point (36 ° C), the beads regain their shape and stability and release the accumulated heat. . It soothes temperature fluctuations and maintains a continuous microclimate adapted to its user.

Memoform is recognized worldwide as the most anatomical material, as it is designed to interact with body weight so that it fits perfectly embracing every curve. It offers a feeling of well-being and unique comfort during sleep, as it exerts the least possible pressure on the body, something that is absolutely necessary for the unimpeded blood circulation and the relaxation of the muscles. It has a high density porous cellular structure that allows air to freely penetrate the mattress and ensure its best ventilation, while preventing the appearance of moisture and parasites in the core of the mattress.

This is a layer of hypoallergenic and breathable fiber that acts as a moisture regulator of the mattress. Its special composition and the good ventilation it provides to the mattress, prevent the development of allergens such as dust mites.

High density foam with high strength that combines breathability and elasticity. Reduces the pressure that the body receives to a minimum by offering the necessary anatomical support of the spine, which is the basic principle for a good sleep.

Due to its special molecular structure, Magnifoam is available in two versions: a softer version (ELIOSOFT) and a more stable version (ELIOFORM) to fit any body type.

* Mattress dimensions may have a deviation of +/- 1cm due to the use of natural materials.


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