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Medium sleeping mattress with independent springs, 100% natural Talalay Latex, Elasticized Coconut and ecological fabric with antibacterial certification.

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Mattress Medium
5 Years Warranty
23cm Height

Produced in all desired dimensions.


Talalay Latex
Coconut Elastic
Independent Springs (864 Springs 160x200)
Coconut Elastic
Talalay Latex

Sleeping mattress from 100% natural Talalay Latex, Rolled Coconut and independent springs. The combination of Elasticized Coconut with Talalay Latex, which also offers lateral support, naturally and supportively embraces every part of the body and offers an unsurpassed relaxation experience. The Pocket Springs spring system has a special design that offers independent support on each side of the mattress, ensuring maximum comfort for an enjoyable and refreshing sleep.

For a restful and healthy sleep, the mattress is surrounded by eco-friendly bamboo fabric with antibacterial certification.

* Mattress dimensions may have a deviation of +/- 1cm due to the use of natural materials.


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