Outlast Thermo-Regulator
  • Outlast Thermo-Regulator

Outlast Thermo-Regulator


Protective mattress cover from 100% Outlast processing cotton, with thermoregulatory properties. Warm in winter and cool in summer.

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The OUTLAST THERMO-REGULATOR mattress cover is made from 100% thermosetting cotton, which uses advanced technology developed by NASA to stabilize the temperature changes experienced by astronauts during their stay in space. This application on the cover OUTLAST THERMO-REGULATOR in combination with the 100% cotton fabric, provides a high level of comfort, thus making it a unique product on the market.

This protective mattress cover is made with OUTLAST technology which works with Phase Change Materials Technology (PCMs), which give it excellent thermoregulatory properties. This regulates the changes in temperature and humidity that we experience during the night. It absorbs, stores and releases the heat emitted by our body, creating a personalized zone of thermal comfort. Provides a stable and ideal microclimate of ideal temperature (neither too hot nor too cold).

The 100% cotton protective mattress cover OUTLAST THERMO-REGULATOR , adapts to mattresses up to 200 cm long and up to 35 cm high.

It has great elasticity in its side phases and fits perfectly on the mattress ensuring in addition to protection that it will not leave its position with any movement of the person during the night. It is easy to install and machine washable.

This protective mattress cover is suitable for people who are sensitive to temperature changes during the night.

Exclusive 100% thermoregulatory cotton fabric.
Restores sudden temperature changes during 's night.
Maintains the ideal temperature (neither too hot - nor too cold).
For mattresses up to 35 cm high and up to 200 cm long.

Fabric: Fabric: 100% cotton Outlast®

Care instructions
Washable at 40 ° C
Do not use bleach
Can to enter the dryer at the lowest temperature
Maximum ironing temperature 110 ° C
Dry cleaning only by professionals - Gentle PCE cleaning


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